Rolling Stones – Satisfaction Guitar lesson EASY RIFF + CHORDS

Rolling Stones - Satisfaction Guitar lesson EASY RIFF + CHORDS


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  1. Brilliant video Andy, i love this song.

  2. Silent Eyes Dragon

    Why do my chords sound weird could it be that its not tuned correctly because Im playing it perfectly

  3. Kewl. My first guitar riff on my new Telecaster. Thanks, Andy!

  4. Christiannn Spencerrr

    i didn't even know you were British till after you got done singing

  5. LittleFlyingAnimationMV's

    Good song I indeed can’t get the satisfaction of succeeding in something as simple as changing from an E chord to an A chord

  6. Anyone know the amp he is using?

  7. my pinky is retarded

  8. I'm pretty sure my mum has a big muff, might ask if I can borrow it.

  9. Alan Narayudha

    you are super great teacher for beginner guitar like me. i can even play both riff and chorus on acoustic guitar

  10. Andrie Alinsangao

    Well, the three-finger technique at the intro's uber-easy for the grown-ups, but what about us beginners/pre-teens? That's why when I paly Satisfaction, I use the slide method.

  11. Andrie Alinsangao

    The best song to play on the acoustic guitar! Or the intro, at least.

  12. Can not get the tab for Satisfaction when I click on it or find it anywhere. Anyone point me in the correct direction ?

  13. You're missing out a D chord.

  14. thomas schommer


  15. loooooser boie hahahahahquauaiuij

  16. Thank you sooo much!!!

  17. Callum Dunworth

    This video deserves way more likes

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