Romance – Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson Pt.1 Romanza

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This free video guitar lesson is for the beautiful fingerstyle guitar piece “Romance”. It is very well known in the classical guitar world and is a great workout for using bar chords.

All of the video guitar lessons and TAB for this song can be found here:

Take your time with the stretches, especially in the second half of the tune. Learn to adjust the pressure of the bar chord to be able to use as little pressure as possible in order for the notes to sound in the chord. As long as you are focused on minimal pressure it will eventually become second nature.

For the right hand, try and practice the arpeggio pattern by itself on open strings before adding the left hand. It is very important to get the prepared strokes down comfortably before putting the two hands together.

Have Fun with this beautiful piece!

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Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown
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  1. Michelle Sauceda

    recommendation: all "all around me" by flyleaf (acoustic version)of course)

  2. Izayah Luna-Goddard

    Hey Carl, absolutely love your channel and have been supporting it for as long as I can remember first starting to play guitar. But anyhow, I was wondering if you could kindly create a "classical" guitar lessons playlist on your channel, it would be fantastic. While you only have a handful of classical lessons on your channel, including this one, that opens up room for suggestions, which you can then build off of that. I'm really glad to have you back man, keep up the guitar mastery! Thank you so much for being such an awesome guitar instructor. In my opinion, you're the best on YouTube. Perhaps all around, haha.

  3. Please play Isaac Albeniz – Asturias

  4. OMG beautiful hands!

  5. First guitar lesson ever tutor gives me this to learn, cheers

  6. Any tips for bars? i cant make the b string sound clearly at all…

  7. thank you so much for this video. you made it so easy to follow along considering I'm a beginner!

  8. Thanks for the lesson! I'm really struggling with the barre chords.. is it normal to make my thumb muscles ache?

  9. Sounds beautiful

  10. thnks

  11. PointBlank Racer

    Great lesson Carl thank you. Sounds great on my Lowden, thanks again.

  12. thanks u..

  13. the best romance i've heard ever. :'[ make me feel really sad

  14. I somehow got the first part in a slower tempo but its still progressing. Since this is my first try of a classical piece I was wondering if this is the original way to play it or is it simplified in some way? Thanks in advance. Oh and thanks for the tabs 365

  15. octavio mora melendez

    hey Carl play Capricho Árabe of Tarrega

  16. Hi Carl, I am really enjoying your piece of work. My question is : If I am into classical guitar, should I learn all the basic of guitar first ( e.g strumming, chord etc ) or directly jump into this? Regards

  17. while doing the chord which you put your finger on all the strings the sound of it becomes unlovely at all what should I do to solve this ??????

  18. thanks man

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