Rooster Guitar Lesson – Alice in Chains

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In this guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all the chords for Alice In Chains’ massive hit “Rooster”.

Released in 1992 off of their Dirt album, the unique sound of “Rooster” shot this incredible song to the top of the rock charts.

In this Rooster guitar lesson I will not only take you through all of the chords, but also the riffs and Jerry Cantrell’s guitar solo note-for-note.

Guitarist Jerry Cantrell is one of those few guitar players that have a knack for creating highly original yet musical guitar parts. Probably the most musically striking things in “Rooster” would be the strange chord voicings used during the verse and pre-chorus section.

Those chords are very easy to play if you are comfortable with basic bar chords, however, the sound they create can be pretty dissonant. But you will find that Jerry Cantrell and the rest of the guys in Alice In Chains make it work very well.

The dynamic contrasts found in “Rooster” do a great job of keeping things interesting throughout the entire song. Even the chorus riff is highly original and effective.

Jerry Cantrell’s laid back solo contains an octave shape throughout, played off of the 6th string. You will also hear a wah pedal in the octave guitar solo as well. I won’t be using a wah in the video lesson though, I will just be showing you the notes.

Hope you guys enjoying learning one of the greatest hits from the 90’s!


  1. hey carl can you do a lesson on far from home by five finger death punch and maybe under your scars by godsmack

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  3. Thank you, Sir

  4. Alessandro Granato


  5. O,fuck man,I've tried working this out for so long and as usual you just showed me just how easy it is,thanks again man

  6. Terimakasih bang,

  7. Nicely done thank you for sharing!


  9. Awesome

  10. Can anyone tell me what guitar he uses

  11. steven van rensburg

    Wow you are a great teacher, wish YouTube was around when I started playing guitar.

  12. Love your AiC vids! Definitely one of my favorite bands all time

  13. Thanks, great video!

  14. Thanks . Great song !

  15. Angry chair?

  16. Love this song.  I used to work with a guy name Ted Cantrell  and we became good friends and I told him I wrote and recorded songs and he told me about his nephew Jerry. I was Blown away.  He told me that this song is about Jerrys dad being in Vietnam and his nickname was The Rooster.

  17. Thomas Alberding

    A “put you down” Alice In Chains lesson would be dope.

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