Roundabout Acoustic Guitar lesson Preview by Yes

Roundabout Acoustic Guitar lesson Preview  by Yes

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Learn to play Roundabout Guitar lesson – Yes sample guitar lesson. Full lesson found at Visit the site for free guitar lessons, TARGET program, forum, community, and contests.


  1. -To be continued>

  2. Not quite howe I saw Steve Howe play this or howe I play it but you still sound sweet 🙂

  3. sweet man. thanks.

  4. WOW! I love this..out of all of the instructional vid's on this song you did the best hat's off to you TG nice even down to the harmonics.

  5. juan carlos vindas


  6. pipisuke pipimaru


  7. Brian Onuscheck

    I have the same shirt as this guy!!!

  8. E12th, E5th/E12th hammer&pull, E3rd, all on the 1st string. Only then does B7th and E5th follow. Howe's own video shows you this.

  9. Interesting. The way I was taught to play this intro was with everything more localized: b string 12-10- hammer on to 12, g string 12-11, b string 10, harmonic, b string 12-10-12 again, g string 12-11, d string 9 hammer on 10 hammer on 12, a string 9 hammer on 10 hammer on 12, Low E string 8

  10. Awesome .

  11. Excellent tutorial….many thanks for uploading ;D)

  12. perfect!!!

  13. Marcelo gomes de oliveira

    I'm leaving a comment

  14. Finally guitar video tutorials that are good! You have such an ear for detail.

  15. BuzzhawgProductions

    Very nice sir. Not only are you obviously talented but your notes are so cleanly played. I always get interest in various songs and YouTube search someone playing so I can learn. Most times I leave the video upset at how blatantly wrong most people with tutorials are, but here, well, you played it perfectly and I thank you sir.


  17. You have such a nice way of teaching people, cheerfulness, and the correct knowledge of the original artist. Makes me almost want to try guitar again. I have switched to vocalist, lyricist, and creative visionary. Thanks.

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