Roxanne Free Guitar Lesson, The Police

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  1. Наконец-то нашел нормальный вариант без капуши.

  2. Nice stash brah'! :D

  3. Awesome ese!

  4. thanks a lot, this was an excellent lesson for me!

  5. Too much after 2 seconds,.,brain freeze

  6. yep. most tutorials of this song don't show the movie from Gm to Dm/F with the descending G-F. you got it and you need this for it to sound right. Andy S would approve.

  7. I teach bass and piano and am starting to play guitar, I thought you were an excellent teacher. Forget the prick that commented below. I figure you can handle some critisim, i really just wanted to call that douchebag a prick lol

  8. Jack “Does Stuff” Christopher

    this was a really shit lesson full fo talking and bullshit just show the chords and thats all you gotta do, talk talk talk talk, jesus

  9. Jack “Does Stuff” Christopher

    why do you waste your effort playing a partial g minor chord? what difference does it actually make? Your not hitting any extra notes doing that

  10. Excellent lesson. Well explained and easy to pick up. BTW sir "dbistrumalot", You seem like you're dying for attention and need something to piss on!!! Thanks to you, the internet is what it is today …the idiot's toilet.

  11. "Everybody knows somebody that sounds like sting"… I thought you were such a chill guy and you totally ruined it. Great tutorial, but watch it. Sting is a fuckin legend and no one can sound like him. 

  12. Your lessons suck balls 

  13. You are a douche

  14. way too fast for me

  15. THANK`S !!

  16. Thank you so much for your lesson. I'm a beginner but because of you slow paced method of teaching I was actually able to learn the chords of song :D

  17. Taht was awesome man! I'm subscribing cheers bro you're the man

  18. Maximillian Powers

    Very nice guitar Lesson. I like the advice for bar chords in general. But I think there's a bit low emphasis on the other parts of the song. I know the intro is the hardest but still.
    Very nice video anyways, thanks for upload.

  19. A very good teacher!

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