Roy Orbison “Crying” Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
Welcome to the first installment of my “By Request” video series. Each Tuesday I’ll be dropping a new tutorial on a song requested by members of my audience. Request your favorite tune at:

This this lesson, I’ll break down Roy Orbison’s 1962 classic “Crying.” Let’s get started!

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  1. Am I the only one who can think of only fools and horses every time I hear this song?

  2. man u r Great!!!!!!

  3. I wish with all my heart if someday you will work on "I Put Spell on You" By CCR,Thanks for your lessons.

  4. Whilst the strumming patterns and the lyrics you showed were not necessarily true to the original, that's ok. Artistic license, and all that. But, the coda starts of with 3 measures of D and one measure of Bm. That 12 beats of D and 4 of Bm. Apart from that, can't fault your chord sequences. Well done and thanks for your generosity.

  5. Nice tutorial! Keep it up!

  6. can you teach Tennessee Whiskey

  7. I can`t seem to find foreigner songs lessons ,like "i want to know what love is" and also"waiting for a girl like you"at least not any accurate one`s ,if possible can you do some tutorials of those please?

  8. what's that hole in your finger?

  9. Thank you for the tip!! Cheers, G ­čśÇ London

  10. Thanks for the lesson, good job on the performance also. I have to ask though, did someone shoot you in the end of the thumb with a nailgun or what? That looks like it had to hurt.

  11. awrsome…great voice

  12. Roy SWIFT!!

  13. thanks for  all the tutorials rob they are great  colin

  14. Dang you hit those hit notes so well with your voice!! It was awesome:)) Julie

  15. this is so cool, thanks!

  16. great lesson thanks.

  17. Duder, you smoked that vocal – way to go – very nice.! You had the heart, power with the impossible Orbison high notes!

  18. first notes sounds like another orbison "blue bayou"

  19. Jonas Baltr┼źnas

    You really do have a great voice. I'm kinda a little bit jealous ­čÖé regardless that's a great lesson!

  20. This is excellent!!

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