Roy Orbison Oh, Pretty Woman Guitar Lesson

Check out this acoustic guitar lesson to play the classic Roy Orbison tune, Oh Pretty Woman!

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  2. What strings do u use?

  3. Hey Marty, can you please teach the song “you might think” by The cars

  4. Marty thanks again for another great lesson. Lots of fun with this song…..

  5. What is the strumming pattern on this?

  6. 0:33 Please don't hurt me

  7. Marty what scale is that?

  8. thank you

  9. 0:33 it killed me XD

  10. Declan Boyle Shields

    Pretty Marty playing that guitar Pretty Marty you're going to go so far Pretty Marty

  11. He is much better than this lesson would indicate, at least from the last  verse on.

  12. Amazing. Could you not growl again you scared my kids lol. Regards. Ethan.

  13. I think you could throw in a C – C7 leading to the A major key change.

  14. Fucking Marty

  15. I like what you've been doing so far, but is there any reason why nobody has done a tutorial for Pretty Penny by STP? Since you're the best/coolest YouTube guitar teacher, maybe you could have a crack at it.

  16. Hi Marty,i just wanted to send a huge thank you to you for all the guitar lessons you put up via your websites bro.I'v learnt how to play a few songs now and i appreciate you being the man who has taught me how to play a few songs on my guitar,i'm absolutely enjoying the lessons and i'm loving my 6 string like she ain't never been loved before.Nothin but love bro.Cheers NIKO

  17. Thanks for being so good 🙂

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