ruby tuesday by the rolling stones acoustic guitar lesson

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  1. 60's 70's & 80's Rewind Covers

    Great voice man

  2. glad you got plenty of bog roll in…

  3. Very good and thank you very much – I'm trying to learn how to play and sing Great song great lesson- so huge, no REALLY huge thanks for sharing

  4. philippe courtois

    Bravo,the best lesson of this song on youtube,thanks

  5. This sounds great love the strumming technique – going to try and learn this over the next few days. cheers

  6. Jesus Christ man how the fuck did you sing that so perfectly! You need to be on ITunes

  7. Bridget R. Mitchell

    Very clear and helpful. Thanks so much for this!

  8. beautifull voice. are you in a band? Upload some stuff on Itunes you should be getting money for this.

  9. Thanks. Great lesson.

  10. no probs joe.

  11. well said mate.
    all the best

  12. cheers dan, i love that song too mate, just gotta perfect it though ha ha

  13. danpagnesupernova

    Great stuff again, If you ever do any more Weller – would love to hear English Rose man.

  14. Excellent lesson, very easy to follow just how it should be done when teaching simple songs using basic chords, the singing really helps people follow the tune, no time wasted explaning how to finger these simple chords, unlike some, I hate lessons that wast time explaining how to finger basic chords, if you are ready to play songs then you should know these chords.

  15. great lesson,easy to understand and follow

  16. yeah, i've got the bug again. love this tune as well. gonna do 'as tears go by' later.

  17. TboneWilson1978

    thanks rob, all the best old pal

  18. You're belting em out again ain't ya 😉 Good One!

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