Rush – Red Barchetta Guitar Lesson (Full Song)

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In this Red Barchetta guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this classic song from Rush note-for-note.

The tuning is standard tuning E A D G B E.

There is simply an incredible number of awesome riffs in this one.

From Alex Lifeson’s atmospheric intro using natural harmonics, to the rather complex arpeggiated guitar parts and heavy rock riffs, there is an encyclopedia of guitar styles in Red Barchetta.

Pay close attention to the arpeggio sections during the verse as I will demonstrate probably a slightly different way to play it than what you will typically see. It is hard to hear, but the way Alex Lifeson plays that section is slightly different than what I usually see people play.

Alex’s solo includes fast alternate picked lines and lots of cool melodic phrasing as well.

Have fun with this masterpiece from Rush. I did this lesson as a personal tribute to Neil Peart who lost his life a few days ago. LONG LIVE THE PROFESSOR! #redbarchettaguitarlesson #rush #neilpearttribute #guitarcovers



  1. 2:05 Harmonics
    5:28 Arpeggios
    12:56 Distorted riff
    15:25 Next riff
    17:46 Nother riff
    20:07 Variation on arpeggios
    20:45 Bridge 1
    24:04 Bridge 2
    26:17 Solo
    32:50 Cool lil riff
    33:51 Recap
    34:25 Extended riff
    35:52 Non-harmonic arpeggios

    A fitting farewell song taught splendidly, thank you Carl. And thank you, Neil, for everything you did for rock by making it more clever and complex, for inspiring so many bands that I personally listen to that have shaped me and the whole of rock. You will be missed legend, Rest in Thunderous Power

  2. Thanks for the tribute Carl – we are all shocked – RIP Neil!

  3. 2112 or closer to the heart ,,

  4. I'm still not back to normal since the news.

  5. Can't think of a better song to pay tribute. You're the man! Thanks for sharing.

  6. WOW! Even just the opening HARMONICS were a lesson on it's own!

  7. Rip to the worlds best drummer. We love you Neil Peart ❤️

  8. Thanks for this one Carl.

  9. Hanoi rocks next

  10. Rip Neil

  11. We gotta get some Molly Hatchet songs my sensei

  12. Entre Nous..Please Permanent Waves

  13. Closer to the Heart
    The Main Monkey Business
    Time Stand Still

    These are my RUSH requests if you can ever get around to it Carl!

  14. Thank you so much this! This probably my favorite song by RUSH! I still haven't wrapped my head around Neil being gone!

  15. A masterpiece

  16. HEY been following your channel since a reallly long time! Love your tutorials really helps a lot I was wondering if you could maybe do a tutorial on 'BREAK MY HEART RIGHT' by JAMES BAY. Gl with the channel btw!

  17. Thank you so much for doing this. It'll take much more to help me recover from this loss but every little bit helps. "Why does it happen? Because it happens. Roll the Bones"

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