Sad But True Guitar Lesson w/ Onscreen Tab – Metallica

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In this Sad But True guitar lesson video I will demonstrate how to play the main riff to this killer slow grooving song by Metallica.

When it comes to Metallica’s sound and style, “Sad But True” was a big departure. First off, Metallica usually tunes to standard tuning most of the time and are a lot more well known for their lightning fast thrash riffs than for slow power grooves.

However, with “Sad But True” they decided to break the mold and did so with outstanding results. Personally, this main riff to “Sad But True” is probably my all-time favorite Metallica riff. The groove is just simply infectious.

The tuning that Metallica employs in “Sad But True” is called D standard. What that tuning calls for is for you to tune every string on your guitar down one whole step. So the tuning will now be D G C F A D. This low tuning is a huge aspect in creating the deep grooving sound of “Sad But True”.

The riff itself uses a combination of thick palm muted power chords and open string pull-offs. It is actually rather simple to play once you get it under your fingers. The most important aspect in mastering this riff is to make sure you lock into the groove. The feel of the riff is just as important as the notes, especially with a slow power groove feel like “Sad But True” has.

If you guys want to learn the rest of the song please let me know by making sure this video gets 600 “likes” on YouTube. After it hits that goal I will be back here teaching the entire song, solos included!

So I will see you guys back here very soon I hope teaching the full song. Until then I hope you enjoy playing this killer power groove riff from the one and only Metallica!

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  1. Best tutorial ever

  2. Why does everyone I see giving lesson always look like they're not play with their finger tips?

  3. Fuck yeah I made it to 5.1K likes

  4. Over the last two years I've wanted to play guitar so badly, I've had no teachers, I've taught myself how to read music and with your video's I've gotten way further than I ever though would be possible. So thank you !

  5. Markus Lund-Hansen

    600 likes xD more like 4.6 k

  6. Me: Why are your tutorials always so helpful?
    GL365: Yes

  7. Italiaaaaa

  8. I think this video got more than 600 likes XD

  9. Your rong you only drop the low e watch James play it live it's not like the tab thares times James makes a full 1st cord without his left hand I'm not being snooty

  10. What is the tune for this song? My guitar sounds different :/

  11. I cant get the guitar to be in tune with standard d. Any help? Ive look up videos and it just doesn’t sound like this at all

  12. What tunning is this song.

  13. Guns, Gadgets & Guitars

    And you were only asking for 600. Great job man, love your channel!

  14. How come when I pull off it never sounds correct? it sounds off, not like the song

  15. My bad "Sterling"

  16. Thanks a lot this helped me play it correctly. like my comment, if you think he should try playing with a less paul instead of the PRS.

  17. i love how fucken easy he makes it thx so much

  18. What about the intro

  19. Yo man what do u use to get that sound ? Only pedals or something else ?

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