Saint James Infirmary Blues – Chord Melody Jazz Guitar LESSON

Guitar LESSON on St. James Infirmary Blues in chord melody style. Note for note tutorial. +TABS + Backing Track!

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St James Infirmary Blues also known as the Gambler’s Blues is an 8 bar jazz minor blues in Dm.In this guitar lesson I’m going to be teaching you my chord melody arrangement of it.

I’ve written two chorusses of the Saint James Infirmary chord melody theme. The first one is, like in the original song, very slow. This first chorus fo St. James Infirmary Blues is suitable for jazz beginners. The second one is in double time feel. This means the tapping of your foot should now be double as fast. The duration of the chords couble up, the melody remains the same length. This faster one is suitable for intermediate to advanced jazz players. So there’s the best of both worlds 😉

You will find a lot of great jazz chords in there. I put in some inversions, plenty of dominant altered chords and one great m7b511 chord voicing.

We have a minor blues thing going on here. But it’s an 8 bar Blues, thus the bVI and V7alt occur already in the second bar. In this St James Infirmary Blues tutorial I’ll show you every aspect of that song, including all the great chord voicings, the melody and how to combine all of it.

I explain the St James Infirmary chords and the melody. Alltogether this makes for a great chord melody solo instrumental of.

I also made the St James Infirmary Tabs and backing tracks, which can be purchased from one of the links above.

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  1. Really helpful ! Thank you so much Sandra. Greetings from Belgium

  2. Very Nice and pleasant to hear and watch. Greetings from Wallonia, Belgium

  3. So refreshing to see a woman teach guitar, you make an awesome example! Plus the song is really cool!

  4. Cheers…..Thanks for the songs…..

  5. Woww

  6. Love your lessons, they have been helping me heaps! Any chance of a chord melody for Chet Baker's version of almost blue? 🙂

  7. Hi Sandra, I have one question about gear. What difference in tone will a set humbugger and a floating mini humbugger have? At least acoustically the set humbugger will be a lot inferior right? Thanks for any reply and also for all your lessons, it is very helpful to have everything said in detail as I am a blind person who can only use voice guidance.

  8. Cheers from Canada! I just found you, excellent lesson!

  9. BEYOND AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million for this one!!!

  10. You know something, Sandra? Many youtube videos have tried but you are the first to ever succeed in actually teaching me real Chord Melody – a frustrated goal of mine for decades. And that's saying something because I'm actually in the industry and I work (production) with major world renowned celebrity musicians!

    There are so many standards I've wanted to learn and I'm now learning them (slowly) from you.

    Hope we cross paths one day so I can shake your hand and thank you in person.

    All the best.


  11. Thomas Washington

    Your repertoire choice is always the best, ditto for your teaching. Thank you. I''ll spring for an annual subscription anytime….

  12. Oh yeah ! Very nice …..Thanks

  13. Thank you Sandra, great tune. Another good tune Gee Baby ain't I good for you! I listen to Joe Pass version from Appassionato album.

  14. Well Sandra.Thumbs up .Bloody he'll you look cold.Keep them coming and won't it be fantastic to eventually have 100. VIDEOS ON U TUBE.Make all of your fans proud and continue with your super technical style of teaching.Cheers again.

  15. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    That sounds interesting. I can definitly work out the slow part. Let's see about the fast one 😀

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