Santana – Oye Como Va – Guitar Lesson – How to Play – Santana style licks solo

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  1. How do you get that Santana sound on your guitar?

  2. marcial rodriguez

    Hey Marty you are awesome bro can you tell us what amp and also amp settings are u using for this the sounds its right very nice thanx

  3. Great mixture of very simple steps and music theory to keep the lesson interesting for beginners and more advanced players!!! Thanks Marty!

  4. Marco Paolo Santiago

    Can you do a full Guitar solo in this song?

  5. thanx a lot Marty – thanx a lot !

  6. Marco Paolo Santiago

    play oye como va solo guitar please,, I really like your solos

  7. Thanks man

  8. Marty, u are my "go to" teacher ALWAYS. U are clear, straight forward and intelligible. How about "Bad Love" video? Jim

  9. this is so cool. i'm almost blown away by santanas, puentes(tito), i believe he wrote this in 1963) musical understanding to imagine a latin-blues fusion across a guitar fretboard. thanks man. you gave me a lot of shit to work with. by the way, do you know 'oye como va ' means literally, 'this is how it goes' in english? some advice, if you're ever in cuba, and you want to pick up a half-colored girl, a mulata, well, this term is not disparaging in the carribbean, you are what you, right? all you have to do is recite the verse of 'oye como va'. i know you're married, just being funny. thanks again man. i have bought and learned a lot from your stuff. keep it coming. this is message from 2017 back to 2011, and no, i'm not john titor. pax.

  10. thank you Marty…cool

  11. Beautiful Les Paul .. Great tone on this tune

  12. great job man, really appreciate it


  14. Thanks great lesson…………And thanks for the simplicity of the A Dorian. Most guitar guys can't say it as simple as oh yea it's a G major scale starting on A.

  15. Scotty Rocket Music

    Thanks Marty. Love your positive attitude and desire to help guitarists grow. Theguitarists that want to nit-pick theory generally sit in their bedrooms because they're paralyzed with fear to play before an audience. Keep doing what you do.

  16. Loved the lesson! Too good!
    Do let me know your amp setting …..I need to set mine.

  17. Love your lessons!

  18. thanks again for the info

  19. Dose it work with the fender strats

  20. Guilherme Monteiro

    thanks a lot for this lesson

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