Santana – Smooth (feat. Rob Thomas) – How to Play on Guitar – Lesson – Tutorial

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  1. Tabs are a help, in conjunction with the video….at least for me. Thanks

  2. Robert Proctor

    I know I missed the free stuff but love the video's keep them coming please.

  3. I'm really confused on how you teach… not like any other lessons of other peraon

  4. 2018?

  5. Great lesson, I just heard I need to know this song for a new band, great timing…..Tnx for all your lessons

  6. Nas Hakim Anderson

    Aww hell yea boi

  7. I couldn't understand when u got to 12 on b

  8. Nice! Here is my version of the intro

  9. I would like to learn from your new DVD lessons. If i can learn from you tube I know i can learn from your new DVDs i hope you pick me thanks Marty

  10. Hey Marty, I’m only 7 yrs late posting but just on this video. But have u ever noticed Santana’s side guitarist Tommy Anthony he uses Brian Moore guitars? They’re not real popular because they’re direct now re: sales but used to be in stores. Great super strats. You can get a used custom shop at a great price. They also have other models that have piezo in the bridge and a usb connection and a 13 pin set up. Beautiful tops, better than the best tops I’ve seen from other companies and a curved for comfort body. Seymour Duncan’s any combo u want HSH, HH etc. Slim neck. Just saying. Anyway, thx for ur videos. Great way to make a living doing something you love. Cheers matey.

  11. Johnny Bumpous

    Great video, love everything Santana.

  12. Dude Marty You ROCK thanks for the awesome videos!!!

  13. Graham Standreang

    really amazing thank you,

  14. I have always shied away from Santana tunes due to the requirement for a latin rhythm section (not to mention the horns) but seeing you break it down like this …. I'm hooked!

  15. I was watching this video to learn the lead line but learned so much more with those chords. Thanks Marty

  16. Awesmazing Reid

    Actually do the whole song

  17. "Modes are like kinda when you hear soloing that's… you can tell it's not the pentatonic scale, there's like extra stuff in there…?"
    Haha man what the fuck kind of explanation was that. I'm only messing with you man I learn a lot from you and I appreciate your work. Thank you for everything you've done. But you've gotta admit, that's a pretty funny explanation that I can only assume is cause you don't wanna turn people off by getting too technical.

  18. Damn good song !

  19. Ken Castleberry

    Great job Marty on this Santana lesson. I like your method of jumping right in and giving us the example as well as the technical stuff for putting it together.

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