SATIN DOLL – Easy Chord Melody LESSON – Jazz Guitar Tutorial Satin Doll

JAZZ GUITAR LESSON on SATIN DOLL – Easy Chord Melody tutorial. Detailed and well explained, TABs available.

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Satin Doll – Guitar Chord Melody Lesson :
I arranged Satin Doll as chord melody, which means, the chords and the melody are played simultaniously. Hence it`s for solo guitar.
You can play it on your own, no need for other instruments. It`s all there, the Satin Doll guitar chords and the Satin Doll melody.

About Satin Doll :
The famous jazz standard Satin Doll was written by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. Satin Doll is played at jazz sessions very often. It`s characteristique is in the syncopated melody.

My jazz guitar tutorial of Satin Doll is very detailed. I explain everything slowly and beginner friendly. You should have some knowledge about basic jazz guitar chords, though. The guitar chords are shown, as well as the melody which lies on top of those chords.
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  1. You're wonderful! Thank you for this awesome lesson!

  2. Greeetings from Waxahachie Texas. I just wanted to say that I find your lessons the best I have had. Here is what I think is great go slowly and review exactly where you are on the fretboard.
    2. You go one section at a time
    3. You are encouraging

    My only issue is how you define easy. Worth the time and practice but not easy.

  3. Excellent lessons Sandra Sherman;a whole lot of Love from Palm Beach County,Florida.Very good job

  4. Thank you! Fantastic lesson! You are a great tutor!

  5. Thank you!! 😀
    I love your channel!

  6. hi sandra ,great lesson as usual…
    i was thinking that you could show us how to create intros and endings ,
    for example i can use Dm up in the neck going down to Bb7 to A7 and back to Dm to start the tune.
    but for major keys is harder like there will never be another you …
    have a great jazzy day

  7. Thanks. I really enjoy and benefit from your playing.

  8. This is great as a starting point if you ever have some time-LOL- perhaps come back and see if we could do a more intermediate version where it does not use those stock voicing-Thanks

  9. Thank you for a wonderful lesson!

  10. hablas mucho

  11. Fabrizio the Shredder Channel


  12. Sandra, Thank you, You are beautiful and excellent teacher. Do you have the arrangement for "The last tango in Paris" ?. Again thanks.

  13. I love your lessons style! I consider myself a beginner so your way of breaking it down is great. Can you do a beginner friendly lesson for girl from ipanema?

  14. I love you from Argentina
    thanks for the lesson <3

  15. Thank you so much I love you teachings

  16. excellent tutorial (s) from a very good teacher and guitarist

  17. Great vid! Thank U Sandra! Gruss!

  18. Lovely lesson, excellent teacher / musician! Would it be possible to build upon this lesson and show how you could take the building blocks of this tune and do some improvisation with it? What I mean is, how would I go about comping this song (for myself) while I added some improvisation as a solo guitarist? I hope this makes sense…thanks!

  19. Excellent version! Thanks!

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