'Satisfaction' Rolling Stones – Ultra Easy Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Beginner Songs Tutorial Pt2

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‘Satisfaction’ Rolling Stones – Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Ultra Easy Beginners Free Online Song Tutorial

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Why does my guitar have no pickups?

Cheers, Andy

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  1. I like it and I am a super fan!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Andy.i have 3 tanglewood guitars I have only them there such good quality for the money.dying to know what model that one is of yours.

  3. You should smack your lips even more often so I can go on a rampage annoying as hell

  4. mate that is not B11, its just B7…. you have the 1rst, 3rd , minor 7th, and 5th on the top E string

  5. Anthony Scaife

    On acoustic I play riff within chords:
    E D A E
    When moving from E to D use your little finger on C# (B string 2nd fret).

  6. Love your stuff, always get something from it!! Thank you.

  7. I like it

  8. Darren Fahnestock

    B 11 revolution. lol

  9. Chase François

    I don't like the blackhead under your mouth.

  10. Of course I liked it "you really got me going " day & night thankyou

  11. u r an amazing teacher

  12. Hi, what is the % symbol in the note sheet mean?

  13. Can u Play Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter ????

    Like if u to wanna learn this song .

  14. Thanks Andy from a fellow Andy your lessons are great loads more detail compared tot he others 🙂 cheers.

  15. too stooge!!! no the reality , even for the beginner, shame!!

  16. You're the best

  17. realderekbrothers

    how come everybody says its so hard it aint that hard xD

  18. realderekbrothers

    It IS uber/ultra easy and playing guitar IS ultra easy

  19. nice…I like

  20. Ultra easy, with a b7 chord patronising twat . Playing the guitar is not ultra easy ever, knob head

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