Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cherry – Easy Acoustic Beginner Guitar Lesson (BS-404)

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Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Save tonight-Eagle eye cherry
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In this easy acoustic guitar lesson we look at Save Tonight, the mega hit from Eagle Eye Cherry. We look at simply, then the exact chords played on the record and then have a detailed look at the strumming techniques used to make it sound just like the original recording.

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  1. I never even knew it was Fmaj7…have always played Fmaj…thxs

  2. I love this channel so much. No other website or resource comes remotely close to this quality.i just have one question when you say on the beat we palm mute which strums would it be on? Like which specific up strums and down strums?

  3. sounds a little bit better with capo in 1 fred.

  4. Please also lesson for Dream Away by Eagle eye cherry

  5. Started playing around 1 month ago, I have no idea how the hell I should do such fast strumming and chord changes at once… Alot of practice I quess … ^^

  6. Thanks Justin, you are a great teacher and you have helped me learn guitar more than anyone else online.

  7. Hallo Justin..this is Loriaan and Juan all the way from South you video'..please pleas can you show us how to play Easy on the eyes from Terri Clark..please..

  8. Good tip if you’re struggling with the strumming: it’s the exact same pattern as the first bar of the wonderwall strumming pattern, its just a different timing E.G. (Em7) DDD DUD (G) UDDDU

  9. How long you think you need to learn this as a beginner? when you try for an hour everyday?

  10. You should do a cover of this song. The way you played it made it as good if not better than the original. Im still trying to learn this song (still stuck at the chord changes)

  11. I do fine with the strumming pattern, but changing chords in the up strum is very hard for me(I am always late on changing chords). Learning the song for more than a weak now and never get to the right sound of it. Also never get to the fancy part of the song like muting,hammering fingers … .etc
    It seems really hard for me.

  12. Justin…you have the best explanation to build from solid foundation then start dancing the strings till it all comes together. Thanks

  13. a minor , f major 7, c, g

  14. muting part always makes me cry, can't wait for the Moment when I finally get the hang of those muting parts…

  15. Gmanjazz Manning

    Save Tonight…best lesson I have seen for awhile. That is outstanding teaching and breakdown for Eagle EyeC. I have worked with the song before but abandoned it till my skill level came up. Been about a year. Think I will pull it out again. My skill should be close enough to get close with your lesson..Thanks this is a peach of a song.

  16. If u learnt wonderwall's strumming pattern, this will be quite easy

  17. arent you choking the guitar when youre muting the first string with your thumb

  18. Are you unplug? Your guitar sounds great Justin! You are freaky good et a good teacher too! Thanks for all!

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