Say you won’t let go James Arthur Acoustic Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle Tutorial

Say you won't let go James Arthur Acoustic Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle Tutorial

Hey Guys, Marco here. Thank you very much for checking out my videos. I hope you enjoy the lessons!

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  1. You deserve a lot more subscribers you honestly

  2. dude thanks a lot i want to learn it so long ago with fingerstyle thx u r amazing

  3. I like the way you teach the fingerstyle, more power bro.

  4. which guitar is that????

  5. This is so amazing but please try to add more info on the side,like the tabs and be slower because i'm damn confused

  6. thank you :)

  7. What a cool tutorial bro. Can you make a video of Fresh Eyes? By Andy Grammer

  8. great vid! when your playing the chorus the beat you teach us isn't like the start of the vid? what are the extra notes your plying ?

  9. CoverMusic Alpha1 Guitar

    thx you are amezing

  10. amazing man love the lessons

  11. You just received a new subscriber

  12. Nice but pls make it offline so i can save it

  13. i jussst love it so mush
    im practicing it
    as always dude your the best in your way of playing and teaching

  14. Love this! This is so helpful, thank you!! Would you please do a tutorial to 'When we were young-Adele' as I'm performing it soon and would love a fingerstyle tutorial!

  15. Hey I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to play tonight cover by somo the guitar part!

  16. thanks ❤

  17. l know this is pretty random but please do End of the road by Boyz to men.Confusing tutorials on you tube.I get all your songs in one coz you make it simple.

  18. Great tutorials. Thanks for such a good work. And can you do a tutorial video for one of the songs from a group "The girl and the dreamcatcher", please? Thanks in advance.

  19. Hey! I love your videos man! Would it be too much trouble if I asked if you could do one on an old song called Heaven by Nu Flavor? I'm trying to learn it to play it for my girlfriend. Thank you and keep up the good work! :)

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