Scales that Sound Like a Beautiful Melody. Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson.

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Hey guys, today I want to show you how you can make scales on guitar sound like beautiful melodies.
Scales are a really important tool for guitar players and music in general. Consider this, almost the entire music system is built on the major scale. Chords, intervals, cadences, keys just to mention few.
Do you want to improve your technique? Practice scales!
Where the C major chord comes from? Scales
Time to put together few chords and create a beautiful chord progression. You can learn that from scales.
Today we will use scales on guitar to create beautiful melodies in the key of A minor using a very simple two steps process. 1) Learn the scale in five different positions, 2) Create beautiful melodies.
We will learn the A minor scale on the top three strings in five different positions then I will show you few melodic ideas on each position.
The reason why we start with the A minor scale is because it’s the easiest scale to learn on guitar and the five positions are easy to memorize. It’s also easy to play the 5th open string (A) and use it as a bass note/chord.
The awesome thing about this exercise is the fact that we can break down each position into 5/6 notes so that it’s easy for you to create simple melodies.
I consider that to be a completely different way to practice and play scales on guitar.
Maybe we could call it a “Melodic” way to play scales on guitar.
I hope this fingerstyle guitar lesson inspires you to practice scales more and also to write your own phrases.
Let’s get started.

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  1. Beautiful! Is this for absolute beginner?

  2. Thank you very much. Marco !!!

  3. 2 dislikes? This guy is absolutely amazing, Clarity, Technique, Explanation and playing are perfect, Thank you for your youtube videos..O and fantastic musical pieces 🙂

  4. one more subscriber just been added

  5. This is what i been looking for all this time in youtube and finally found it. Thanks a lot

  6. David vocal music shows

    great teacher thank you always for these fantastic classes

  7. Been playing the guitar for 12 years, and I must say…..this is as simple as it get for understanding improvisation on the guitar people.

  8. Sir I have posted a link ; a south Indian movie Song
    Can you describe this song's intro

  9. I play in my washroom for better acoustics.

  10. please do a lesson for phrygian dominant scale/mode

  11. Thank you sweetheart

  12. beautiful lesson

  13. Hi Marco
    Could you please teach us
    How to play any song on guitar

  14. This guy keep giving us the cheat codes yet i never seen him playing the games. (Thanks!!) Come on marco, show us some original songs by you. Really wanna see your style of playing. 🙂

  15. I don´t know what I would be without you

  16. Very beautiful melody sir plz make some video on this topic

  17. Marcos got to be one of the best players/teachers I’ve seen on YouTube!

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