Scorpions – No One Like You Guitar Lesson

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In this No One Like You guitar lesson video, I will demonstrate note-for-note how to play this Scorpions classic.

The tuning is standard tuning.

*** Quick note!! The last chord in the chorus, the E5 power chord, should have a little fill played over it that I forgot to include in the lesson. One guitarist will hold the E5 power chord while the other plays this. (0/E, 3^/E, 2/D, 3^/E, 0/E).. The 3^ symbol means to bend the 3rd fret up one whole-step on the low E string. 🙂 ***

As with a lot of music by the Scorpions, there are a lots of killer harmony guitar lines to take a look at in this one. I will go through each harmony line separately.

The opening/chorus riff uses just simple power chords with a short fill over the last power chord in the progression. The verse uses a clean guitar tone with arpeggiated picking across simple chord voicings with the addition of single note riffs added to it in the second half of the verse.

The solo is a lot of fun to play, but has a lot of tricky bends that make it pretty challenging as well. #noonelikeyouguitarlesson #scorpions #guitarcovers

Have fun with this one guys! Carl…
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  1. I love Scorpions solos, not so difficult (except a few…) but full of melody and emotion!!!

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  8. I've always wondered this Carl….. How many of these solo's and songs can you actually remember after a month or so? I know I'll learn 3-4 songs and they on the 5th song I start forgetting the 1st song I learned. On the 6th song, I forget the 2nd and so forth. Can you remember 20 songs or more before losing it completely from memory?

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