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Here is my Top 15 books for bass players! check it out guys! 😀


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  1. Music Theory for the Bass Player: A Comprehensive and Hands-On Guide to Playing with More Confidence and Freedom – Ariane Cap !!! Does anybody have this book? thoughts?

  2. Lavernius Tucker

    I recommend 'The Jaco Pastorius Bass Method' by Ray Peterson

  3. Please go to the point your videos are too long

  4. Prince Pratap Singh

    Thanks a lot for providing with such great info.
    I also know another great source.
    Just search for "Renskart Instant Guitar Report".
    The Google knows everything, haha..

  5. Scott, I just started watching your channel a few weeks ago, and bought a P-Bass last week, so I really appreciate this vlog.  Thanks so much…

  6. 1. Simplified Sight Reading for bass Josquin Des Pres
    2.The complete Electric bass Chuck Rainey
    3. Charlie Parker omni book bass clef
    4. Jazz Bass Ed Frieland
    5. Expanding walking bass lines
    6.101 bass tips Gary Willis
    7. ultimate playalong just classic jazz Jimmy haslip
    8. Fishing for grips Todd johnson
    9. Hal Leonard the real book
    10. The new real Book by Sher music
    11. Creative rhythmic concepts for jazz improvisation Ronan Guifoyle
    12.Concepts for bass soloing Chuck Sher
    13.How to approach Standard Chromatically David Leibman
    14.Inside Improvisation Series vol 4 jerry begonzi
    15. How to improvise An approach to practicing improvisation Hal Crook
    16. Effortlessly mastery

  7. Ed Friedland. Love him.

  8. that merry Christmas ear raped me

  9. "The Evolving Bassist" – Rufus Reid

  10. what about scott bass book ? i know there is one.

  11. Are all those books written in tabs or in notes?

  12. Effortless mastery by kenny werner is the one you REALLY need!

  13. "For Whom The Bass Tolls" by Ernest Shedsallday is a great book 

  14. Merry Christmas Scott, to you and your family. Josquin Des Pres was my bass teacher back in the 80's. Most of what I know about playing I learned from him. Cheers!

  15. Good review general , but think it miss one slap book in the top 10  😉 

  16. bass book for beginners : bass for dummies – patrick pfeiffer

  17. Kayfabedreamsmusic

    Scott…just to confirm – I'm guessing all the material in the Charlie Parker book was originally intended for instruments in B flat?

  18. Shadows of Motown is one of the most essential

  19. I think peaple have asked it many times before, but why the glove?

  20. Great Scott !!! Awesome info Man… Thanks

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