Seal “Kiss From a Rose” Guitar Lesson – Easy Acoustic Songs For Guitar

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Hey guys, Marty here from MartyMusic with today’s new song lesson! I bring you a lesson on how to play “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal. I’ve always enjoyed this song and as I broke it down, I realized it’s actually pretty easy to play the basic chords and rhythm. I hope you enjoy strumming this easy acoustic song!

Thanks again and take care!


  1. Thanks for watching and supporting MartyMusic! Also, Free courses at

  2. Marty, you are just amazing!!

  3. BananaBenne HolmBerg

    Hey Marty! I would like you to break down ”Black or White” by Michael Jackson.

  4. Please Nirvana – Love Buzz

  5. Hey Marty could you pls do a tutorial on "Been a Son" by the worlds greatest band nirvana?!?!!?

  6. Christopher Wineholt

    It's hard for me to picture Marty living the rock n roll lifestyle

  7. Any chance of a cover of Ben fold the luckiest ??

  8. Hi Marty,your lesson are awesome,U explain better ,could you play the song by Hozier -like real people do ,I've watched more videos about that song but tthey explain really fast that I couldnt play whole song. Thanks in advance.

  9. Hey Marty, thanks for all the music! I have a few acoustic requests:
    Mudvayne–Dead Inside
    Slipknot–Vermillion Pt. 2

  10. kenan saleh basha

    Great lesson as always, and can anyone help me with the name or model of the guitar he’s using

  11. can you plz do “five years”, “rock n roll suicide” or “soul love” by bowie!!!! plzzzzzz

  12. Hey marty can you do The XX – Brave For You (the marfa demo)! its am acoustic!

  13. Beautiful song…. nice lesson….

  14. Can you do tear in my heart by twenty one pilots

  15. can you show us how to play bother by stone sour… your vids are the best for explaining chords and just in general….10/10 for the channel im learning everything you show much easier then anyone elses vids.. Daniel from Australia

  16. Can you teach us how to Play Audioslave Show me how to Live?

  17. Red mosquito by pearl jam…

  18. Teach 3s and 7s by queens of the stone age

  19. Mohamed Elhalwagui

    Can you play ( les regrets) by alain souchan and how to play the solo

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