Secrets To Melodic Solos – LA Session Master Tim Pierce – Guitar Lesson – Blues Rock Soloing

Check Out Tim’s Trailer To This 9 Hour Guitar Instructional Masterpiece:

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Tim Pierce

Secrets To Melodic Solos – LA Session Master Tim Pierce – Guitar Lesson – Blues Rock Soloing Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache
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  1. Tim is a guitargod! Unfortunately my english is not so good, but i can train it listening to his videos.

  2. Bluzz LeBleu (BlueSharkh)

    "So it's pretty simple in a way" haha yeah… good music by the way!!

  3. Tim, Tim, Tim, which of the two guitars do you feel is better?

  4. realy cool variations of runs….

  5. Thanks!

  6. this guy is a genius

  7. If the chord progression is D, A, C, G all major; what key is it in???

  8. I can't stop listening to you, I have learned so much by watching your videos in 2 weeks that what I knew since I started playing. Thank you very much Mr. Tim Pierce, I wish I had the money to buy the entire course. Unfortunately what I received from SSA is not enough, but thanks once again for the free valuable lessons !!!

  9. Tim gets 200 extra cool points for no pick guard.

  10. Hey totally unrelated to this lesson I think it'd be awesome if you did a lesson on "The Driver" by Charles Kelley. It's a relatively new country song that's awesome.

  11. Heyyy can u please do a song from Carrie underwood a new album storyteller? I love them all!

  12. Great video with excellent explanation of melodic playing.

  13. could u please do the song stay a little longer by brothers Osborne? thanks

  14. "seeing D's everywhere"
    – Tim Pierce 4:21

  15. There are a few "Ahh-Ha" moments in there…great vid for me, thank you..

  16. crowd chant. joe satriani

  17. Marty and Brett have been my guitar teachers, (thank you You tube). I find it very interesting that I know, (because of them),  exactly what you're talking about…. "above the chord"  pentatonic scale,  seeing the chord… etc.Now to get my fingers to go and do what my mind thinks it understands…  ( I keep running to the minor scale as my safety net…)   lol ….next step.

  18. that cherryburst looks just incredible

  19. So Worthy!!

  20. Just waiting for my xmas money to buy your course. Great work!

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