Seek and Destroy Guitar Lesson – Metallica – Main Riffs

Seek and Destroy Guitar Lesson - Metallica - Main Riffs

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By far “Seek and Destroy” is the most popular song off of Metallica’s debut album Kill ‘Em All.

It deserves this distinction for good reason. It opens with one of most identifiable metal guitar riffs ever written.

In this Seek and Destroy guitar lesson I will demonstrate how to play all the main riffs of the song. The only part I won’t be covering for now if the fast middle section and solo.

Now obviously, if you guys want me to finish the song just let me know and I will get right on it. 🙂

Of all the Metallica songs, “Seek and Destroy” is one of the easiest to play. At least when we are referring to the main riffs of the song.

The classic opening riff uses hammer-ons with muted notes to create one of the catchiest riffs you will ever play.

From there all of the rhythms are straight forward and quite fun and easy to play. There really shouldn’t be anything in this video lesson that any upper beginner level player can’t handle.

So enjoy learning this classic Metallica masterpiece and be sure to let me know if you guys wanna finish it with a lesson on the middle section and solo. 🙂

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