Seven Nation Army guitar Lesson – White Stripes – Jack White – How to Play

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  1. what bass pedal do you use

  2. Thanks so much Marty!

  3. JasonRoss Macdonald

    Hey man, awesome channel…. Please can you do Marilyn Mansons version of sweet dreams?

  4. I want learn this song because battlefield 1

  5. love this!!!

  6. wacky waiving me too

  7. Marty can't you go E string 7th fret x2 the E 9 fret then 5 2 1

    but thanks anyway

    like this so marty can see plz

  8. what kind of pedal system do you use marty

  9. There's a video of jack teaching some other guitarists he uses a slide and its a lot better for getting that screaming kind of sound

  10. I've been watching your videos for so many years I think I'm going to have to buy myself one of those hats so whenever I'm watching a video I can channel your guitar power through me lol . you help so many people keep going on you poorly help a bunch of Generations become guitar players.

  11. This is the first riff I've finally found by myself. I can verify I did right by watching this, LOL. Thanks Marty, you're a very nice teacher.

  12. can you teach me how to play Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys

  13. Thanks helped a lot

  14. Sweet strat

  15. Do James bond one time that will be cool

  16. His real name is john

  17. I learned this song so easy

  18. I'm only 10 and I know how to play smells like teen spirit on guitar

  19. what guitar is that?

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