Sex On Fire Guitar Lesson – Kings of Leon

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In this Sex On Fire guitar lesson video I will demonstrate how to play all of the guitar parts in this Kings Of Leon smash hit.

This is a great song for just about any level of guitar player to learn. It is simple to play but also contains a lot of guitar layers that add up to create a very cool musical sound without being difficult to play.

The song opens with a little sliding riff that won’t be very difficult to get your hands around, but may need to be practiced a bit to get the timing of the notes correct. This same riff is also used throughout the entire verse.

A guitar layer employing distorted double-stops played in a tight rhythmic style joins the opening riff after the drums comes in. Make sure you do to the proper muting here like I describe in the lesson in order to make this rhythm pop-out correctly.

After the vocals start, you will hear a quick little muted guitar lick that crosses strings rather quickly. I also think this little guitar lick would make a great exercise. The highest pitched note of this lick should not be muted in order to let it ring out over the more muted notes.

The chorus contains two distinctive guitar parts. There is an octave based riff underneath everything that along with the bass holds everything together. However, the star of the show during the chorus is the cool guitar melody that soars over the chorus.

This guitar melody employs a lot of open-string double-stops and unison bends to create a very musically effective statement. This guitar melody perfectly compliments the vocal melody during the chorus.

There is also a quick little bridge that is based around an octave melody and some quick muting. The second half of the bridge is simply the same guitar melody found in the chorus.

So I hope you enjoy learning the song that brought Kings Of Leon international fame, “Sex On Fire”!

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  1. Rebecca Lockharth

    ya gotta understand dem lyrics to fully feel the hit from it I will use it on my channel playlist!

  2. I suck so bad:/ you said its simple yet i cant barely do the begginning

  3. that chorus melody is fucking incredible… it gives me chills every time i hear it

  4. Hi, need a bit of help! On the bends I canโ€™t sustain any sound as when I bend it mutes the sound and I donโ€™t know why or how to stop it… any ideas??..

  5. Thx. Well done

  6. Well written song all the way around.

  7. Just covered this timeless piece with this tutorial. Any feedback?

  8. Pieter Janszoon

    very good , thank you

  9. Guitar+Bass Covers

    Thanks for teaching us this song Carl ๐Ÿ™‚ I did a cover on my channel.

  10. does electric guitar always required to connected with amplifier, can we take electric guitar outside of home without taking any amplifier or speaker wire etc

  11. I would really appreciate a list like this (how about inclouding it in the discription next time):

    Beginning: 0:00 (1.06)
    Double Stops: 2:32 (2:43)
    Riff: 3:31 (3:52)
    Chorus1: 4:46 (5:00)
    Chorus Melody: 5:30 (5:45)
    Break: 7:28 (7:57)

    This makes jumping thru the song easier!

  12. frontcentermusician

    Great lesson. Getting ready to pick this one up for the band.

  13. Thank you very much man! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Great job as always!

  15. Lola mala Lola

    Jako mi se svida stvarno

  16. Lola mala Lola

    Jako mi se svida

  17. great teaching,thanx a lot…

  18. Lars Flaskager

    Hey Carl – Another quick question, could you tell us a little about the tone you have made for this song? Any pedals, eq setting, what kind of reverb etc.. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks in advance man.

  19. ZacksGuitarCovers

    Lol we where at universal studios Orlando and saw kings of Leon live 1st row, no one knew they where playing there but it was cool

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