Sexual Healing – how to play on acoustic guitar – marvin gaye – ben harper – guitar lessons

Sexual Healing - how to play on acoustic guitar - marvin gaye - ben harper - guitar lessons

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  1. Marcelo Minuzzi Moreira

    very very good my friend. TY SO MUCH

  2. invisible imagination

    not even in a key

  3. doodoostickstain

    what kind of strings are those? I swear they sound like nylon

  4. Niiice

  5. Thank you bro, you make it easy and fun 😉 perfect teacher 🙂

  6. Excellent lesson, thanks! Saludos desde Mallorca

  7. nice hat bro

  8. Marty, you are the man! Thank you for making learning guitar fun and explaining concepts in a way that allows the inexperienced player to advance his/her skills. Keep up the good work and stay weird, dude!

  9. Jean-Marc Ulysse

    hey my name I Jean-Marc
    I don't really know my chord may you explain or sen me to a tab for the fingerstyle after the G,Am , Em ,F, C ( this one please ) I really want to play this song for a girl

  10. You fucking legend!

  11. Jeez Marty, you make things look so easy.Love from FRIDGID Michigan (-4)

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  13. Is there anyone that just plays this instrumental that's not a tutorial ?

  14. you're an awesome guitar teacher! Giving lessons for free. Learned a lot already. Every time i search for a new song to learn and play.. You pop up. Like a fuckin angel!

  15. That sounds nothing like the real song at all !!!!!!!

  16. Corrado Pizzetti

    Thanksfrom Italy,
    you're my favourite teacher!

  17. So if i say it's a ben harper song people will think i'm 30 haha? Heard a funny story about how this song got written. One of marvin's agents/whatever showed up unannounced at his home and found marvin surrounded by porn magazines. The agent said " man, you need a sexual healing "and it became the title of this comeback hit. Can't swear it's true, but i didn't make it up. Thanks marty for all the guitar healings. You have a great strum and rythmn. I learn alot from you.

  18. marty 

     am a huge fan.  You make playing the guitar easy and fun.  I was just wondering, could you show us how to play "city of dreams" by Ben Harper??  That would be so cool!  Thank you!

  19. Thanks man you are a huge inspiration

  20. Marty your awesome brotha! ; )

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