Shambala Three Dog Night Guitar Lesson Tutorial

“Shambala” written by Daniel Moore, released in 1973 by Three Dog Night. We start out in the key of E, standard tuning with a capo on the 2nd fret. The chords are D, C9, G5, and G.
Tab for Intro –
0:24 Chords
3:39 Fingerpipcking right hand close up
4:14 Left Hand Intro
5:14 wide shot
6:44 song example
8:00 strumming
10:25 Simple strumming
10:58 Taking off the capo

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  1. A huge key to a good cover of this song is being both accurate & relentless with the picking part.
    That & still having either the vocal power or the right singers for the chorus!
    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Where’s the flair? This is like a sad depressing twist to a great song

  3. So are you going to make a video about boogie bass on the guitar sorry for asking.

  4. Steel Dragons-We all die young, please 🙁

  5. Quail Studios Guitar

    Check out the navigation links in the description.

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