Shape of You Guitar Tutorial (Lesson) – Easy Chords For Beginners

Link to Chord Tabs + Lyrics :

In this tutorial we’ll learn a simple way to play Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran. This is a 5 minute guitar lesson with easy beginner chords, made to teach you the song as fast as humanly possible!


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  1. Sandali Dinayadura

    Can you make a video of drag me down

  2. This is so hard ugh

  3. amazing style of teaching
    thks a lot

  4. Can you make pantera cemetery gates?

  5. Marvinzkie Yunting


  6. Can anyone give me a link to the black thing on the fingerboard? Or just tell me what it is. Thanks!

  7. And if u wanna play in bar chords
    go for C# Scale
    btw check my video 'Treat you better' if u like

  8. It really helped me a lot!
    Thank you

  9. André Vinje Rygg

    5minutes lesson. Video ebds at 6:19

  10. Where is the strumming pattern

  11. Strumming pattern

  12. sir please start a guitar lead tutorial of the song hotel california

  13. What is the strumming pattern

  14. John Kenet Malunay

    Can you do a versace on the floor by bruno mars?

  15. Strumming pattern?

  16. Vishnu Krishnamoorthy

    Without capo???

  17. This is my second best watched video channel in youtube….man I really adore how you do those blending magic through the guitars…. please make some more,I am now watching two out of most of your videos and now I am very desperate to learn more from you and I'm still watchin it till the edge of your show

  18. Tolong buat yang mudahh!!

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