Sharp Dressed Man Guitar Lesson – ZZ Top – Famous Riffs

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In this “Famous Riffs” video guitar lesson we will learn the opening riff to ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man”.

This Sharp Dressed Man guitar lesson shouldn’t present much of a challenge to most players.

The main part of the riff uses a couple of double stops that require some quick fret-hand muting but it is still rather simple to play.

The main difficulty will be the thumb bass notes and keep the groove going while picking between the thumb bass notes and the double stops.

If you aren’t used to using your thumb on the 6th string to finger bass notes I think this riff is a great place to stat learning the technique.

It’s really all about your fret-hand wrist when trying to master those thumb bass notes. Simply bend your wrist up slightly (towards your face) and that will put your thumb in a position over the top of the fretboard that will make it much easier to play notes on the 6th string with your thumb.

Have fun tackling this Billy Gibbons classic! Carl..


  1. Mark A Williams

    Billy does a lot of cool stuff……..

  2. Yeaaaaaah!!!!!! Real Nice !!!!!

  3. Nathan Tuckfield


  4. chuck stephens

    thank you for your time,,, to teach these lessons, so enjoy them

  5. Could you make a tutorial on how to play "Believe." by skillet

  6. You should do mark knopfler's what it is

  7. riffs? or the intro?

  8. PLEASE DO Spirit in the sky no one else has a good one.

  9. great lesson as usual! Love UR tone.

  10. christian schulte

    awesome lesson! could you teach the full song please?

  11. Cause every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man

  12. Tone Based From

    I made this tone in my Boss GT3, check this on:
    It's free!! And i have more amps…

  13. Haha that wuss comment made me howl!
    Really enjoy your videos.

  14. lmao if you're a big wuss. good lesson. thanks bro!

  15. in the rest of the song i think he repeats this last phrase a couple times and than comes kind of a solo

  16. can you do the full song please!!

  17. Emily Anderson

    AWesome can you please show us the solo for this

  18. Can you please do the whole song. Will be very much appreciated. Thank you..

  19. awesome lesson!!! Can you do the solo? PLZ

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