She Got the Best of Me | Luke Combs | Beginner Guitar Lesson
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Learn to play the latest Luke Combs song “She Got the Best of Me” using the G, C, Em, D chords
God bless!


  1. Can you please play teach us how to Atlantic City by Riley green

  2. Why is every song you do wrong?

  3. les pijanowski jr

    Your doing great and sharing word.

  4. Been watching since day 1 brother. Learned more from you than I ever thought I could. Keep doing what your doing brotha man.

  5. cheese burger walrus

    You've helped me get so much better at guitar. Thank you fellow Matthew

  6. Timing is your main thing to make the song even song out right

  7. You have by far been the best help brother. Keep it up

  8. Only thing i need more help is the more complicated strum pattern! Thanks for the video helped a lot

  9. I like the guitar

  10. Can u teach outlaw by luke combs

  11. Can I get an outlaw? Please??

  12. Can you do a cover of “I know she ain’t ready”’ and “Don’t tempt me”

  13. You do a great job at this! But it would really help if you could put the strumming pattern that you use in the video. Thank you

  14. Easy Acoustic Country A.J. Williams

    This is one of my favorite luke combs songs. Great job Matt keep it up man

  15. The real chords are E – B – G#m – F#.

  16. What’s the strumming pattern? Is it down up down up for 2?

  17. Man, I watch many how to videos and yours are my favorite bro! Your strai b there to it and easy to learn from! Thank you for your helpfulness !!!

  18. can you do this ones for you

  19. god bless you brother, great lesson!!

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