she’s electric by oasis acoustic guitar lesson / tutorial


  1. you're missing a bit in the "I'll be you and you be me, there's lots and lots for us to see bit" but otherwise nicely done

  2. I give up what fingering are you using for the f sharp minor 7

  3. Nice one! cheers

  4. Thanks, this is brilliant, now i'm going to give up my job shovelling chicken shite and be a busker, well, when I have a coupla more tunes! Cheers

  5. Thank you! Reckon I'm gonna have a crack at this one 🙂

  6. its good enough for me!!!

  7. Thanks bud!!big help

  8. Pretty good!

  9. you sound like ralph little, amazing tutorial mate, well done 🙂

  10. @HUGESTIR06 thanks mate, yeah he doen't really know what he's on about does he. there's loads like that on youtube unfortunately,
    cheers mate

  11. This is a well explained piece of tutorial
    well done
    take no note of theses idiots
    who probs dont even play an instrument
    well done

  12. love it, wicked tutorial

  13. @MrHelterskelter45 just saying your a prick

  14. good video mate…helpful! also you've got a good voice..just need some breathing exersizr and your there…that mr helterskelter's a twat!!

  15. @MrHelterskelter45 the intro is actually an F# for a few strums but not on this acoustic version. maybe you should do a tutorial for your version.

  16. @TboneWilson1978
    hey Wilson,listen,im looking for Electro acoustic EJ 200 Epiphone guitar,got any advice? any good and trusted web site? that could send guitar to my country ?:P i live in Estonia,thats near Russia and Finland :p

  17. cheers pal great lesson keep them coming

  18. i think your voice is lovley, ignore those overly fastidious comments lol!
    great video thank you 🙂

  19. If you think about it's not essential to have a superstar singing voice, Some might say the Gallaghers have horrible voices but if you sing loud, proud and with confidence and to a song you wrote or enjoy singing its always gonna sound great. Great video mate, really helped

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