Shine On You Crazy Diamond Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Shine On You Crazy Diamond Acoustic Guitar Lesson by request. This is my interpretation and it is not intented to be acurate. I hope this helps spread the music. Sorry, I am not much of a teacher.


  1. well im going to learn this and thanks for teaching me how to.

  2. how cool is this. you are a very good teacher.

  3. Great interpretation! Its beautiful.

  4. Thanks a lot man, you’ve made an inspiring lesson of your beautiful way to play this great song.

  5. sounds good many thanks from france

  6. Great job. Thanks.

  7. I am so upset that my wrist is injured and I can't play along with this tutorial. Great tutorial of a great classic powerful song!!!

  8. Man, you are havin' FUN! And so did I. Thanks much for sharing this!

  9. BCMGunfighters1972

    well done. Many are thankful for you taking time out of your day to show us this. God bless you

  10. Big like from me 😉

  11. I'm going to try to learn your version good work bro

  12. Looks like you have not had a comment in a while but I had to tell you that that was great. For us non professionals out there, who cares about the name of the chord. It sounded good enough, and I will try this one version of yours, Keep playing.

  13. The Jimmy Hendrix Chord LOLOLOL, I know it well. Good stuff KB!

  14. Gianluca Pelliccioni

    great!!!! very…very good and simple right sound

  15. Awesome guide, best I've seen for accoustic.. love this song I'm impressed with your voclas too

  16. Nailed it I think!! Thank you

  17. Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita

    For those who want to know what the intro sounds like : 5:50
    Great job mate!

  18. lmfao the singing part , id never play it at my current skills
    this needs atleast 2 weeks to learn the intro
    and since im an intermediate
    yeah this needs some time
    pinkfloyd;s songs are mostly hard 😀

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