Shot in the Dark Guitar Lesson (Chords/Rhythms) – Ozzy Osbourne

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In this Shot In The Dark guitar lesson video, we will take an in-depth look at one of the last Ozzy Osbourne songs that the great guitarist Jake E. Lee performed on.

There are a lot of cool guitar riffs in this one and the solo is full of flashy 80’s guitar licks. Tons of fun!

Before we get started, you will need to get your guitar into a tuning that is quite unorthodox. Jake E. Lee used the following tuning starting from the 6th string (F Bb Db Gb Bb Eb). That tuning is basically the standard half-step down tuning used by many rock guitarists, however, in addition to the that, Jake E. Lee raises the pitch of the lowest two strings in order to help facilitate the playing of the guitar riffs.

You will see people play this in a more standard tuning, but it is more more difficult to play that way. What we are learning here is exactly how the song was recorded.

In the first video lesson, I will show you how to play all of those classic guitar riffs, along with any of the guitar fills that happen sporadically throughout the song. The riffs in “Shot In The Dark” can be pretty challenging. You will need move around pretty quickly and play some large stretches. One of Jake E. Lee’s favorite techniques is using large stretches, so you can’t really play his songs without coming upon some licks or riffs that require you to really spread those fingers out.

In the second video lesson, I will finish up the song by teaching you how to play the guitar solo. The solo has some very fast legato work and once again moves across the fretboard at very fast speeds.

There is also a cool arpeggio section of the solo which is followed by a rapid tremolo picked section. The tremolo section should be performed with your picking hand wrist and forearm as relaxed as possible. Make sure you use very small but relaxed movements. Those movements should come from the wrist.

So I hope you guys enjoy learning the Ozzy Osbourne classic! I would definitely say that it is one of my favorite Ozzy songs. 🙂

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  1. damn, locking nut, I'm out.

  2. Always a great job. Thanks!

  3. So to play this song right, I have to tune my guitar all wonkey and leave my nut unlocked. Did he play all his songs like that, or did he have a guitar setup just for that song?

  4. Best lesson so far. Thank you.

  5. Porque mierda no pones tablatura, no veo una goma donde tocas si el dedo que usas para mutear me tapa

  6. Carl, could you do an instructional video on how to play Secret Loser? That and Shot in the Dark are my 2 favorite songs off The Ultimate Sin.

  7. Thomas Williams

    I love the song but hate downtuning my guitar cos I am a lazy tuner LOL

  8. Puppyloveskittens

    Just throw that in, deedle deedle deedleee deedle deedle deedleee. Saw ya grinin on that part too. Micro expressions… show off. And Thank You too dude, most of all!!! <><

  9. Fantastic lesson on an epic song..

  10. i've played guitar for over 35 years – i never did learn this and wow my mind is blown. Jake E Lee was the man and really was a fabulous player

  11. For me playing completely free style. Really just creating my own stuff .all ways new time for learning more . Was essential . Excellent learning video. All time best favorite. And the sound is real crisp clean sharp . Because of all your very Thurrell . First most and that sound I can’t say enough . Because it’s wright and makes it real and powerful. It draws you in for more . Any way amazing video. Thanks

  12. The sound is incredibles really sounds amazing

  13. Excellent video. Really amazing. The sound is incredible . Seen ozzy a lot of times . Never with Randy Rhoads or. Jake E lee . Absolutely loved bark at the moon album and Ultimate sin . Huge albums in my life .

  14. Can you do killer of giants PLEASE this song always gives me trouble. Cords huh! Lol

  15. Any idea what gear you used in this video to achieve that tone?

  16. SkümmTöönS '66

    I respect this song so much more. Oh where's this kind of song writing talent now?

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