Sia – Cheap Thrills: Acoustic Guitar Lesson

How to play cheap thrills by Sia.
Easy beginner lesson with chords and strumming.
OPEN DESCRIPTION for section timings.


Beginner Course:

0:00 – Demonstration
0:52 – Rhythm + Chords
7:00 – Extra rhythm/Verse
8:58 – Pre-Chorus
9:40 – Chorus

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  1. I would love "No roots" from Alice Merton.

  2. Francis Skundaliny

    nice lession!! Thx!!! camera work is GREAT !!! one ofthe best lession i´ve seen!!+ i ´ve seen
    a lot over the decades!

  3. Meshuggah Forever

    Can you please do a guitar lesson for the Slipknot song Snuff?

  4. could you please do the only boy awake by the meadows please it has no guitar tutorials although it uses only a guitar check the live version i cannot get the finger style please ??

  5. Thanks

  6. could you please do all of me wants all of you by sufijan Stevens! I forgot to put it in the request video last week

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