Sight Reading Music For Bass Guitar

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This week is a special preview of the Bassic Fundamentals Module 4 and an introduction to sight reading for bass.

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  1. Im a 7 year clarinetist and been reading treble cleft all my life… The transition will be tough seeing that the bass cleft is much more complex

  2. Lol while going from the E to F, I had trouble not messing around in Phrygian. Focus. Focus.

  3. jerry hamilton

    Help… I am an old newbie.
    I have been learning to sight read notes in the bass clef.
    I am ready to start applying it to notes on the fret board.
    There are a couple of songs I would like to learn so I downloaded midi files and looked at the notation.
    Because they didn't match, I downloaded a few more midi songs and they are all the same.
    The bass guitar notes are played an octave higher than written.
    The notation goes down an octave below E on the first ledger below.
    I figure this is so there are not too many ledger lines above.
    Do I learn the notes as shown here, or an octave up?
    I am so confused right now.
    +TalkingBass – Online Bass Lessons

  4. Your point at 23:29 is really helpful, thank you.

  5. Jackpot! This is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm already an established bass player. Been playing all my life, but I want to break through to the next level – and I can't sight read sheet music. By the way, your bass sounds amazing. What are you playing it through here? A miced up amp or some kind of DI? Thanks.

  6. cool mark thank you!

  7. As someone who started on guitar then switched to electric bass about 10 years ago when joining a band, sight reading was never on my radar. Now that I am jumping into it I have really been struggling with not being able to look both at the neck and sheet music at the same time. Add to that the fact that I have rarely ever played much in the open position. Your explanation of the 2nd fret being the "first position" is a revelation for me. This is going to make things so much easier for me!

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  9. Hi Mark have done a few of your tutorials and have found them very helpful the only problem I seem to have is stretching fingers do you have any exercises that helps improve this.

  10. Renê Couto e Silva

    glenn gould was not blind

  11. good stuff man. I dread learning to read music but it is a must. Took theory under a piano player. I was constantly trying to transpose stuff in my mind. I did well in the class…identifying chords, scales, modes. ..that was 1996. should Habra stuff with it. Almost complete hiatus from music for over 10 years. good lessons are surely making things much easier. thanks Mark. I sorta wish I would have gotten a four string and Mayers it first. musical taste has changed and I wanted more versitility that a 5 gives. think it messes up the funkability that a four string has or I just need much more practice. BOTH?

  12. Now I know why its called Talking Bass..Krike get to the lesson man!

  13. Any buddy wanna sum up some key points for me? 28 minutes seems like quite a commitment right now.

  14. Dennis Gaffney

    You have to be awake to do this

  15. Hi, you mention a sight reading course, is this a new separate course you are going to be releasing or is it the Lessons 3 to 5 in module 4 of the Bassics Fundamentals you are referring to? Thanks, Phil.

  16. Thanks for being such a wonderful instructor. I'm very impressed on how you articulate all your lessons.Makes it so much easier to comprehend. Great job ! You had mentioned you're coming out with a huge site reading course. If it's out, where would I find it.Really excited to get it. Thanks,Coolbreeze

  17. Jivi on the bass

    thank you.:) thanks for ur time. indeed


  19. You can try playing it backwards if you start to memorise it 🙂

  20. What bass are you using?

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