Silent Lucidity Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Queensryche – Intro & 1st Verse

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In this free Silent Lucidity guitar lesson series you will learn Queensryche’s extremely popular power ballad in it’s entirety.

Written by the band’s then lead guitarist Chris Degarmo, Silent Lucidity has plenty of cool guitar challenges to sync your teeth into.

To start, we will cover the acoustic fingerstyle intro. Besides the fingerstyle technique required to play it, you will also have to deal with a few large shifts as well.

From there we switch to the electric guitar parts focusing on the gorgeous arpeggiated picking sequences.

Then to wrap up this free Silent Lucidity guitar lesson video series we will take a look at the epic guitar solo. This solo incorporates some large one and a half step pre-bends that can be quite tricky to nail correctly. Practicing this solo over and over is a great exercise in keeping your bends in tune.

When you get this song together and play it through in it’s entirety you really get a close up look at how beautiful the guitar parts in Silent Lucidity are. When it comes to power ballads, I think Silent Lucidity is definitely one of the most well put together ballads in history.

So have fun with this Silent Lucidity guitar lesson series! Carl..

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  1. Very easy chords, but….. also very tricky rhythmic patterns with irregular shifts from 4/4 to 7/8 and vice-versa!!! This one is much tougher than it sounds!!!

  2. You're the best on Youtube… Really!

  3. Nicolas Le Guern

    Thank you so much for this tutorial.

  4. Can you do eyes of a stranger?

  5. I never held a guitar before, and besides that, even i succeeded playing thanks to the tutorial. Of course i played poorly and slowly , but was good for the first time.

  6. Tainá Tognoli

    Tão fácil e bem explicado, obrigado por me ajudar a tocar minha musica favorita ;-; ♥

  7. Thank you, that's the music that I like, I tried to figure everywhere but found even being Brazilian, I learned perfectly with you, you are a great instructor, once again, thank you.

  8. Smoking Thrillz

    chris klein?

  9. Brenda Martinez

    Carl, you're the best online guitar/music teacher I know, I've been watching your tutorials since I was 14 years old and now I'm way better at guitar, and btw, do you think you can do a tutorial on Gates of Babylon by Rainbow..? I'd really appreciate it…

  10. Samadar Chakraborty

    best guitar teacher right now on youtube…..

  11. Great job dude   thank you!

  12. Maxsuel silva freitas

    obrigado cara e muito bom aprende com quem sabe

  13. Antônio Amaro Vasconcelos

    Thank you very much!!! I've been learning a lot from you!!! Keep the awesome job!!!

  14. Hasanudin Schröter

    Very nice Lehrer…danke schön,terima kasih banyak.

  15. cara gostei dmais

  16. I have my guitar tuned (standard) and it's not sounding right … so, is there a key to tuning up for this song? Thanks!

  17. Thank you 

  18. Standard tuning?

  19. Petra Stamejcic

     I absolutely love your lessons ! This is one of my favourite Queensryche's songs.  Karl thanks a lot !!!!

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