Silent Night (Easy Guitar Version) – Beginner Guitar Lesson

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This is a very simple arrangement of one of my favorite Christmas tunes “Silent Night”. It uses only basic open position chords and one barre chord. A FREE PDF TAB download of this song is available from the main site at There you will find not only this video, but many other video lessons for players of all level in a much more organized format. So please fo there and Subscribe and become part of the community!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown


  1. Yes you say "for beginners" but there is a bar chord in the thumbnail

  2. Nagesh Cavatur

    Really moving! What a fantastic carol.

  3. Is there an easier F chord to play?

  4. Do you have this on tabs or easy sheet music? Much thanks.

  5. This arrangement sounds beautiful, but I can't see or understand your finger placement when playing the F chord melody?

  6. 0:59 is when he starts

  7. I wood love to play getters its sound sounds so wonderful

  8. Nice… Simple and clean. Great lesson on a great song. Thanks!

  9. Great lesson, I really enjoyed it.

  10. idgy towand  just download the pdf. I also didn't understand his explanation but with the pdf it all makes sense 🙂

  11. I'm sorry, but for a beginner, this is very difficult instructions and moves much too fast. I'm still going to try to get it but surely there is an easier version.

  12. Nice

  13. Yeah.. Excellent!
    Thank you!
    but for me its not easy,
    lol.. i need to practice.. ^.^

  14. Excellent 5 Stars

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