Silent Night Guitar Lesson – Easy Guitar Lesson – EP128

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This is a solo guitar composition of the Christmas classic melody, Silent Night. I wanted to play a version with a pick for those of you pick players. I also wanted to add a little blues and twang to it. I apologize that the audio breaks up a bit on on the play-through in the intro. That wasn’t an amp setting, but was a video export setting.


  1. Thank you so much! Огромное спасибо!

  2. absolutely stunning!! thankyou

  3. Bellisimo gracias

  4. Thanks Brian, I love this. I'm also spending time with last year's Jingle Bells. If requests are possible, I would like to ask for Joy To The World. Oh, by the way, may you and yours have a very merry Christmas.

  5. Fantastic lesson, many thanks!

  6. Van Volsem Daniel

    Merci! Brian! pour ton tuto, très belle interprétation. Je te souhaite un Joyeux Noel!! Daniel.

  7. how many strings are you pressing at 4.18?

  8. Thank you for doing a silent night in a key other than G, which is what everyone else on YouTube teaches it in. It sounds great in G too but this is amazing. Very Brian-from-ActiveMelody-esque.

  9. VERY NICE!!!

  10. You are easily my favorite instructional guitarist on you tube! I've played something like this version before but always stuck with 1st position chords. This really opens it up nicely.

    Curious what kind of amp you play through.. Love the sound of your Strat here!

  11. Beautiful.

  12. Very nice thanks again. TBH id be a bit pissed that it says easy lesson tho if I had not been playing for a few years, its not like strumming a simple open chord song.

  13. Love it. Beautiful version.

  14. Very nice!

  15. Very nice. This was a great version.

  16. Nice job……

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