Simple Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners – Guitar Lesson Very Easy

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In this video I’ll be going through the stages that you should go through (if you want to guarantee success!).

Starting with bass lines, or single note riffs gets your fingers moving and they are disguised – because these are actually great finger workouts for the guitar!

Next we talk about Power Chords – these combine 2 notes at once and are some of the most important rock guitar moves to know about.

Inside the video, we talk about a number of great electric guitar songs for beginners. There’s no shortage of possibilities and cool things to practice as a beginner.

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Will Ripley
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  1. Rohat Yeşilyurt

    thank youuu

  2. thanks so much for the help.cant wait till your new one

  3. I know that I like your lesson  but  I want to learn some more ? thank you

  4. You can put notes on the screen that would help much

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