Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on guitar – Tutorial

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  1. what was the strumming pattern??

  2. you should make a video on little thing called you by lynryd skynyrd

  3. So good! Can you make a lesson on fleetwood macs Rhiannon please

  4. I have a slow internet and this video can't be taken offline! :'(

  5. Awesome!!!!!

  6. can you do a lesson on both bar chords like the f and "after hours" by the velvet underground thanks!

  7. hey I'm 11 and could you post a vid to "dumb down" power chords

  8. great lessons thnx

  9. I have finally mastered this song, thank you so much for the helpful lesson. I have a REQUEST also, I would love to learn Amie by Pure Prairie League. This would be much appreciated, thanks!

  10. can you play "Oh Death" by Ralph Stanley?

  11. Marty.. could you please do a teaching video.. on " classical gas"… this is my favorite guitar piece.. thank you

  12. Marty you should
    Teach ( Hank Williams jr, country state of mind ) please please please thank you so much. Keep up the videos. I've learned a lot from you on guitar

  13. Could some one comment the picking pattern I'm confused thanks if any one does great video I've been watching u for years and I've learned a few songs thanks keep it up dude

  14. Hey man you are freakishly talented. Do you know about how long it took you to learn to play this song. Because I heard the acoustic version of this song and I really want to learn how to play it. I am a beginner, I haven't really done anything with guitar before. But I would love recommendations or tips.


    Hey Marty ! Nice to see you back as a free bird… Thanks for your great lessons

  16. Hello love your stuff can you do 50 ways by Paul Simon?

  17. Or lesson on Bret Michaels all I ever needed please

  18. Can u do a lesson on Bryan Adams heaven please

  19. Your stuff is really good, man. Thanks.

  20. { + Great Guitar lesson and a Great Song.! Rock On.! + }

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