Sinéad O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U | acoustic guitar lesson

Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U acoustic guitar lesson
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These videos are designed for guitar beginners or those with only limited guitar knowledge. They use simple chord shapes as much as possible and do not necessarily represent the way in which the song was originally played. They are designed as practice tools to supplement your other learning methods. Information is provided on screen for both right and left-handed players!

This acoustic version is based on the cover that Chris Cornell did, but I’ve done it in the key from the Sinéad O’Connor version. It relies on mostly simple chords through the verses with some little suspensions to the C major chord, but the choruses modulate and use Bb and F major barre chords.

The choruses and verses have small differences each time they repeat too, so you’ll need to pay attention! The song is slightly swung, so remember that when strumming.


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  1. Can you do some flaming lips covers?

  2. future request could u do avicci wake me up ? i just heard the news. just a suggestion thanks for everything

  3. Hey it's been a whole year since I started playing guitar. I've become really good and you were the person I learned from. Thank you.

  4. Hello Waouh nice song bravo man .

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