Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (easy – ish)

An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Otis Redding song – Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay. Suitable for beginners (1 barre chord shape slid up and down the fretboard for practice). Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: where you can find a songsheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here: 🙂
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  1. this is a great tutorial brother. keep rocking. great job at the song as well.

  2. just found out im going to be a dad…of TWINS. for some reaspn i really wanna learn to play this song for them. really beautiful work! thank you!

  3. This seems to be the best way to play the song. Open chords don't do it enough justice but i suppose if you're a beginner then it would be good. That pick slap is also very important to get a similiar sound like that of the orginal recording,

  4. thank you

  5. Well you're just excellent! I'm taking lessons from a local guy, and it's invaluable, but I certainly plan to supplement it with your videos here and there. Thanks so much!

  6. Can you do. I can help by Billy Swan?

  7. really dig the learning style. So much easier than all the others. Bang up job mate.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and.. thank you

  9. Станислав Михайлов

    that`s cool

  10. A new player here, starting later in life, retired. Just a note to say that your site is the best thought-out, the most useful and efficient guitar learning and play-along sites I found. A site like this lets you see what you might actually be able to do. Thank you for your time and efforts, Guitar Man. I subscribed and I'm contributing.

  11. Hi! Do you have some tabs of the song Animal Instinct – The Cramberries ?

  12. Great helpful video man! Gonna play this song for at my Nanas 90th birthday.
    You have an awesome voice too ps

  13. wonderful alan, thank you…. your fantastic… hugs :-)

  14. Thank you for the incredibly clear tutorial. Definitely helps out people who are new to playing =)

    Thank you!!!

  15. im a beginner and iv'e been trying to play this in open form and im using G to B7 in the beginning and its such a fast rhythm for me i can't do it, been trying for weeks.

  16. AMAZING! Thank you so much! 

  17. Tank You simple and nice …like

  18. i wont give up!!!! stupid barré

  19. Nice tutorial it really helps

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