Slap Bass Lesson w/ Davie504

Davie shows me how he slaps his bass.
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Video edit by Jake Jarvi:

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  1. 1:07 ear reveal

  2. Rob: trys to make a serious video
    Davie: EPIC

  3. Anybody else saw Davie adjusting his headphones? O M G

  4. Lukman Hakim bin Kamil Bakhtiar

    oh no, davie tried to remove his headphone, but he can't because he's cursed 3:32

  5. 1:06 headphone take off reveal

  6. I can't tell the difference in their level

  7. 凉空 ` Jass Agao

    3:36 did Davie just.. :000

  8. In the thumbnail why does davie look like momo

  9. Wait…did you see that? 1:06

  10. Амадео Дариус

    3:25 he moved his headphones! Checkmate!!!!

  11. Davie's blessed to play the bass, his fingers as astoundingly long and his hand is quite wide. It's a lot easier for him to play anything fretted like that tbh.

  12. Rob just got Checkmate by David504 EPIC!!!! SLAAPPP LIKE NOW!!!

  13. Can't stop hell yeah

  14. Silvester Satalone aged well

  15. Epic video.
    Only took 2 months.

  16. 3:26 damn it was close

  17. What kind of Davie504 plays the B A S S with a pick?

    Not E-PICK.

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