Slap Bass Lesson Without A Bass Guitar.

Or tries to teach Eyal how to slap with the Waves Slapper plug-in:
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  1. Love you, Eyal and Or!!!

  2. Can you tell me what's the keyboard you are using in this video?

  3. Want more lesson …!! Hats off… Respect ..

  4. Good job guys.

  5. Soundin' Slappy!

  6. Why is the title of the video not “something slappy”

  7. Just play the Seinfeld theme and I'll be sold man.

  8. Wow, very cool!

  9. Can they do a whole jam like that? That would sound awesome!

  10. Andrey Akhmedvaliev

    – name of synthesizer please) Very sound like it)

  11. Cool lesson!

  12. now which one is better the guitar or keyboard

  13. Awesome!

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