Slap Electric Guitar – Funky Blues – Video Lesson

This is my first video lesson. After a few comments asking me how to do this particular technique, I decided to do a video to show everyone! Please note, this is not how you slap on an electric bass guitar (using the edge of your thumb). It is instead the way that I use on the electric guitar to a get a really funky tone. Check out “Modern Blues” and “You can’t beat a stratocaster” to see how the technique works in context…enjoy 🙂


  1. yo dude, you should speak up a bit.. my phones volume is all the way up and I can't hear what you're saying

  2. The subtitles are hilarious lol 'thankless preteen chase, X is good' xD

  3. 2:54 LOL its sounds so similar to "phunkdified" by Justin King! check it out! 

  4. How did you mute the open low E-string at 1:58? that 'mute' sound has always been a mystery to me

  5. Holy shit after using this method I came up with some crazy slap combos in about 20 minutes, I honestly suck at "hammering" the strings with my thumb and this is almost like using the string as a sling shot…it's kind of goofy at first but if consistent, the tone of the slap is considerably richer than the traditional method. Thanks a million tons!

  6. MetalUpYourAss

    teach us the slap rutine!!! pleaseeeeeee :))))

  7. Super thank you man !

  8. How is your guitar tuned?


    show us the complicated bit…. prety plz? thanks for lesson dude.

  10. wo thats cool!!! i favourited this vid… its awesome

  11. This is so unethical…

  12. ur voice is too damn soft do u use any mic?

  13. Joshua van der Stam


    they sound way better than any other stupid accent, it's the original one = )

  14. @alexorangeblues Hi mate, I think he means your voice. The volume is pretty low. Really good lesson though. You're a great player 🙂

  15. which brand is your guitar and which type? Just curious

  16. @alexorangeblues it sounds fine his computer must of been on mute almost haha

  17. how about you do a lesson on one of your songs… like out of the video "My House – Jazz Jam Juiced" I wanted to know what you were playing in those videos, when it first came out.

    That is a good song. Other then lots of practice.. how did you go about writing a song like that? is there any secrets like targeting notes etc..

  18. Santiago Páramo

    Alex hi!
    I came across with you about a year or so ago and I've been following you since then.
    I love your playing mate and these instructional videos are truly useful. Thanks a lot!
    Long life to your art and maybe someday we'll get to jam together somewhere around the globe.

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