Sliding Nine Chords – Beginner Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
and welcome to another rhythm guitar tutorial. In today’s session I’ll be breaking down one of the most used rhythm techniques in the blues genre, sliding 9 chords over a 1.4.5 progression. This technique is great for “playing the pocket” and staying out of the way of other instruments in a full ensemble. Let’s get started!

Tabs for this tutorial:

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  1. Really nice, pleasant talking voice.

  2. First lesson of yours I have seen…a very good lesson it is! A lot of beginning guitarists will benefit greatly from it, as it will jump-start them into understanding the nine chords, and how much fun they are. Well done!

  3. Faith Guitars really are amazing for the price

  4. Awesome thank you!

  5. Great lesson! I appreciate your ability to teach blues techniques in a simple way. Thank you!

  6. Darn good lesson

  7. This so amazing! Never thought I could play a blues song! Thanks a lot

  8. Hey I really like your Bob Dylan guitar lessons. Do you think you can make a lesson for "It takes a lot to laugh" live version. From George Harrison's Bangladesh benefit concert?

  9. Very good. But can u slow down a bit for us s—l—–o—-w guys n gals??

  10. So the key is always major . With 9th chords ?
    Or is it actually dominant ? Dom7? maybe idk lol im dum

  11. Hi Rob, could you please suggest some songs that would work with?

  12. Thanks sir great lesson

  13. You're one of the best channel tutorials in youtube and I learned how to play "Tears in heaven" and "Father and son" because of your great tutorials. I wish you can also upload a tutorial about "leader of the band" By Dan Fogelberg.

  14. T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit.

    Yeah but can you play "Smoke on the water?"

  15. Awesome bud

  16. Love of my life by queen please

  17. Thank you for another simple to learn lesson!!

  18. Sounds like the "Mad About You" theme. Good lesson!

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