Slow Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson With No Accompaniment – EP065

Slow Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson With No Accompaniment - EP065

To download the tablature and watch the 2nd video for this lesson (along with a slow walk-through video) – visit

In this guitar lesson, learn how to play a slow blues in the key of E on acoustic guitar (this could also be played on electric). Learn how to jam with yourself, with no accompaniment. No band or jam track required!


  1. I'm learning a lot from this video. Thank you sir! I new to guitar < 4 months.

  2. This is a great lesson for a beginner wanting to learn blues. It sounds impressive but fairly easy. Thanks for doing this lesson and posting.

  3. Thanks for putting this out there man..

  4. I would say you talk too much

  5. Love this lesson


  7. you talk to much..explain ..demo …a few seem to ramble on!

  8. you say u assume we know how to play a chord & then you go ahead and show how to make the chord anyway ? I think ur right most folks watching know how to make basic chords. I reaal do like ur style of teaching

  9. A good lesson but a lot of skipping around of explanations on various general techniques and variations. This makes it a bit harder to watch multiple times.

  10. super la casquette, la leçon aussi bien sûr

  11. Does anyone know where part 2 is?

  12. bonjour, je te parles en français, je te remercie vraiment pour tes cours, je progresse à une allure vertigineuse, j'en chie mais je suis content du résultat, encore merci
    Edouard de France

  13. what effects settings did u use? thank you

  14. thanks for the lesson, really helpful

  15. good teacher,give that man an apple

  16. HELP!! Love the videos Brian. Thank you! I'm trying to fill out the premium membership but there's a problem with your website!

  17. Paul Wadey (Phoolosopher)

    Killer tone dude.

  18. Red Bearded Rambler

    I've been watching guitar lessons on the Internet for about two years now, and I've learned more in the last two weeks from your videos then any other videos on the Internet combined! Could you make a Santana style video?

  19. Иван Воланов

    The hat isnt good

  20. excelente, gracias

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