Slow and Easy Blues Guitar Lesson – Play Blues Guitar By Yourself – EP307

In this week’s blues guitar tutorial, you’ll learn how to play a slow and easy blues composition by yourself on acoustic or electric guitar – no accompaniment needed. Full of blues licks and ideas.

If you’d like to view this entire lesson, including the Part 2 video and the tablature, visit


  1. Cool dude

  2. That's a lovely job, thank you so much mate. Cheers.

  3. I know that you have done a lesson about robert cray style chicago blues. But can you make another lesson? Really enjoyed the other one.

  4. hey Brian, thanks for the lesson. What amp are you playing through here? Also, that's a nice guitar.

  5. BlindLemonMeringue

    At last, a slow melodic acoustic blues

  6. twincam96Deluxe

    Brian, nice tune. And I can clearly see my own progress. A year ago when I joined premium membership it took me weeks to understand and weeks to learn a tune. Now I understand in hours and leanr it in days -wow! You are a great teacher! Greetings from Germany!

  7. Can't wait to learn this! Thank you

  8. Обожаю такие мелодии!

  9. Sweet tempo on this one, be kinda cool to have a little piano to go with. Thank you sir

  10. Kevin Costelloe

    Amazing! Keep ‘em coming!!

  11. My wife says I can't watch any more vids Brian…she says I'll go blind. (I threw my pick at her)

  12. I love your lessons on blues… Keep posting!!!!! Thank you so very much!!

  13. OK That's it! The first of next month I am buying a year. Every time I hear you do one of these I want to learn it.


    Folks If you don’t have active melody premium membership you need to get it NOW. Best money spent in a while


  16. Anne Marie Kaczorowski

    Awesome is right

  17. Henrrique Miguel

    Obrigada pela lição Brian,… sempre com um bom gosto incrível…!!!

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