Slow and easy country blues lead guitar lesson – Country blues lead tutorial – EP333

To view the Part 2 video for this lesson and download the tab and the MP3 jam tracks, visit

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a slow and easy country lead that has a lot of Western Swing and blues licks thrown in.
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  1. Shaun Smith Guitar Tuition

    this is amazing! keep up the good work dude!

  2. I like this setup better than the whited out background.

  3. Relative Amin7

  4. Hi Brian, when I first saw you play on ActiveMelody, honestly thought you had graduated from a music school like Berkeley.

  5. Dan Crenshaw's Lost Eyeball

    Thank you so much Brian

  6. Hey Brian. As usual you cram a whole lot of useful techniques and chord theory into your lessons. "Cheers mate."

  7. Great lesson Brian.. Threw me in my infancy when you moved to the 5th fret.. I only knew that as an A… Who in the hell is thumbs downing this lesson?? Are you a Key board Rambo (Troll) or what?? If there is something wrong with this, indicate what it is in the comments, and school the rest of us… Sorry for that, but it just irritates me to no end… Thanks so much Brian… Take care…

  8. I. Had a Korean duotone es335 . I will always love the bridge pick up.
    Over the years the 335 rear bridge pick up just haunts me to have a 335 style guitar .
    I'm getting a White with gold hardware 335 Style guitar from guitar fetish and a red hard shell case
    Oh yeah….shocking , and very tacky….but dripping with cool….well at least Cool to…
    Thanks for this lesson and for pulling out the 335.
    My Duotone was the similar red transparent with cream binding… White 335 with gold hardware…a very working man's affordable BB King new Special Addition guitar for many many car payments LESS !
    Oh by the way …so many camera angles had the RCA dog right on your shoulder like a parrot and a pirate…Eyes ..!

  9. To me I always associate that 9 chord sound with the same feel as the flat 7 sound. Fun to goof off with man , thanks.

  10. I know you said u don’t play live, but I see you being a solid session guy

  11. William Castleberry

    Hey Brian nice lesson. You threw me when you said move the C6th back two frets makes it a C9th I would have bet money that moving it back two frets would have made it a B flat 6th

  12. Outstanding, Brian.

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