Slow and Easy Delta Blues Guitar Lesson (Fingerstyle) – EP177 – Easy Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

To download the tablature and to view the Part 2 video for this delta blues guitar lesson, visit

In this guitar lesson I’ll break down a fairly simple fingerstyle delta blues composition that can be played on electric or acoustic guitar. If you’re new to fingerstyle guitar, this would be a great lesson to start with because I use a droning technique for the bass string, always played on the beat.
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  1. This was a good lesson. I'm one of those that frustrated with trying to play finger style.

  2. Good lesson, fret markers are useful with videos, especially when you can't see the nut

  3. Even tho i can play other songs with the steady bass, i still have to train my thumb again when learning a new one. Unless its something i come up with myself.

  4. Why bust on a free lesson…one of my favorite sites ..awesome lesson

  5. You're waffling on and on and on ad nauseam.. If you did less talking and more playing I think we might get a little more from this "lesson"… That's being honest.

  6. Sotiris Stavropoulos

    great lesson,thanks a lot

  7. nice, well done!

  8. Love it! Thanks for another awesome lesson Brian. These finger style lessons are difficult but it adds something different to the playlist we can learn from. This particular one seems a bit easier than EP145, 57, and 37 however I really enjoy them too. Hope to see more "no accompaniment acoustic blues soon!

  9. Even if I never master a fraction of that. It deserves a big thumbs up.

  10. Super cool! Love your delta blues lessons. Can't wait to dive in and learn this one

  11. Swweeet blues !!

  12. Fantastic style….but so f€&@"n annoying to keep that thumb… but tomorrow i know i can play it def.!!! Thx brian bluesman supreme

  13. Very nice, thank's. So very nice guitar! Witch one is it?
    Alain from Paris

  14. smooth

  15. Beautiful Brian…just the ticket

  16. Le Grand Monarque

    Very nice lesson, thanks!

  17. That's a great type of blues to play! Very nice!

  18. Looks great.

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